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At the Partnership for Working Families, we believe all people have a right to the things we need to live full and healthy lives: clean water, excellent schools, accessible public transit, healthy homes, and more. In cities across the country, we are fighting for public goods that will increase community wealth, health and justice for communities of color and all of us. By building power locally, we can strengthen our cities and build a just future.

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The Building Blocks to Living Full and Healthy Lives

Every step along the way is an opportunity to create good jobs, protect the planet and build thriving communities.

Join With Your Community On June 20!

On June 20, communities around the country are joining with labor, faith, environmental justice, and community partners to put forward a vision of cities built on justice and shared prosperity. Join us to demand public control over our land and and resources! Find out what’s happening in your area on the map below, and contact us to get involved

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Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh UNITED

Safe, clean drinking water is a human right, not a commodity. The Our Water Campaign is fighting for safe, affordable drinking water in Pittsburgh and a public, democratically controlled water authority that prioritizes people over profits.

Denver - United for a New Economy (UNE)

Affordable and secure housing should be a human right, not a privilege.  UNE is organizing community members throughout the Denver Metro Area to fight against displacement and skyrocketing rents and fighting for the protections and funding needed to keep housing affordable and communities together.

San Jose - Working Partnerships USA (WPUSA)

Google’s proposed new mega-campus could change San Jose forever. We’re organizing to make sure the project results in affordable housing, good jobs, better public transit and support for schools – and not just more tech-fuelled gentrification and homelessness.

Los Angeles - Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE)

In thirsty Los Angeles, we should capture and clean our rain and runoff, not waste water while trashing rivers, oceans, and poor communities.  We're fighting for funding to build projects that ensure all residents, particularly low-income communities of color, have access to clean and reliable water - and to the good jobs building and maintaining stormwater projects.

Atlanta - Georgia STAND-UP

Transportation justice is racial and economic justice! We are working to make sure that Atlanta expands our public transportation system in a way that connects communities of color and working families to health, employment, and housing.

Seattle - Puget Sound Sage

We should control our community’s land and destiny! We are collaborating with residents and partners in Rainier Valley to develop a community vision and action plan for community-led transit-oriented development to ensure light rail expansion creates prosperity, racial equity, and resilience for all current residents.

Oakland - East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy (EBASE)

Public land for public good - the Port of Oakland should serve ALL of us. Together with the Revive Oakland coalition, EBASE is envisioning a port that meets the community, economic and climate needs of Oakland and the East Bay and leads to more a resilient and just future.

Boston - Community Labor United (CLU)

Thriving public transit, schools, and services are at the heart of a healthy city. We are building a movement for public goods that serve the public and provide good jobs, and against privatization schemes that take resources out of our communities to benefit corporations.

San Diego - Center on Policy Initiatives (CPI)

We believe that the City of San Diego can and must simultaneously provide vital services and programs, invest in high quality infrastructure and use public dollars to support good jobs. Major investments in family-supporting infrastructure (housing, transportation, open space) offer an opportunity to improve wages and working conditions while building diverse and equitable neighborhoods. In a San Diego that has long been controlled by developers, CPI and the other Community Budget Alliance partners are fighting for community-oriented public investment that prioritizes the needs of economically disadvantaged and environmentally overburdened neighborhoods.

NYC - Alliance for a Greater New York (ALIGN)

We need a public transportation system that creates economic prosperity, racial equity, and healthy communities! While working people are the lifeblood of New York City, many cannot access the full benefits of our public transportation system, especially communities of color and low-income residents living in subway deserts. We’re organizing to create a public transportation system that works for the people, not wealthy corporations!